Vejje Sausage

Vejje-meatless-sausage - patty
Vejje Sausage Free Mix is a great-tasting traditional sausage – made from plants!  Just add some hot water, a little oil and one or two basic ingredients and Vejje Sausage Free Mix can be used to make delicous breakfast sausage patties and sensational Italian-style sausage for pizza, pasta and casseroles.
Once hydratedeach 16 oz. package of Vejje Sausage Free Mix makes 3 pounds of meatless sausage!
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Vejje Sausage Free Mix Recipes

Vejje-meatless-sausage - patty
Sausage Patty
Sausage-Free Pasta Sauce
Sausage Gravy
Sausage Pizza
Vejje-meatless-sausage - chorizo
Chorizo Crumbles

How did you use your Vejje Sausage Mix?  Send us a photo and the recipe and if we use it on this website, we’ll send you a free 16 oz. package of Vejje Sausage Mix.  It’s our way of saying “thanks” because we love hearing from you!

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