Simple. Fast. Delish.

"Plant meats perfected!"
Alex M - Savannah. GA
"The Vejje burger is insane!"
Margaret F. - Colorado Springs, CO
"My family thought the Vejje tacos were beef!"
Ed N. - Boulder, CO
"Are you sure this isn't meat?"
Renee L. - Colorado Springs, CO
"Brilliant! Endless possibilities!"
Lee V. - Cambridge, England
     Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner or a late night snack, Vejje has vegetarians, vegans and all food lovers covered.
    All Vejje Mixes have a long shelf life. After hydrating and cooking Vejje Mixes according to package directions, prepared Vejje can be refrigerated for up to 7 days and frozen for 3 months!
    After rehydration each package of Vejje makes about  1 1/2 pounds!  You no longer have to sacrifice value for delicious plant meat!
Vejje is changing the way the World eats. 
100% Vegan.  100% Dairy Free.  100% Kosher.  100% Easy to Use! 
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