Easy Pasta Sauce

This Easy Pasta Sauce is just one of many options for Vejje Italian Sausage-Free Mix

Vejje Chicken Enchilada Casserole

This dish is a snap to make with frozen or refrigerated Vejje Chicken Free Patties! Perfect for dinner or brunch – you’ll want to make two of these delicious vegan chicken casseroles – one to freeze and one to eat!

Ultimate Vejje Burger

Looking for an EXTRA special one-of-a-kind burger for the skillet or grill? Look no further.

Vejje Beef Anytime Burritos

This recipe makes enough to feed a large gathering and the burritos go from freezer to plate in minutes! Make a batch and enjoy Vejje Beef Anytime Burritos as an easy dinner, late night snack, or even breakfast! Serve handheld or topped with salsa and vegan cheese.

Italian Sausage-Free Gravy

Easy Vejje Sausage-Free Pasta Sauce

Vejje Chicken-Free Italiano Cutlets

Italian Sausage Crumbles

Made with Vejje Italian Sausage Free Mix

For pasta sauces, pizza, gravy and more!

Vejje Breakfast Sausage Patty

Breakfast Patties Made with Vejje Italian Sausage Free Mix

A great way to wake up! Vejje Italian Sausage-Free patties are easy to make and have all the protein you need start the day.

Vejje Chicken Free Salad

A light nutritious meal perfect for lunch.

Grandma’s Vejje Meatloaf

Remember your grandmothers meatloaf? Well this recipe is all that and more! Vejje style!

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