Our Philosophy

Our vision at Vejje is to change how the World eats one meal at a time. We are driven by a love of all beings, our planet, and great tasting food. Kindness. Stewardship. Community. Let's Eat!
Vejje started with a mission. A mission to create a vegetarian and vegan burger made from plants that tastes better than any burger you will find in the freezer or refrigerated section of your grocery store. Our vision included versatility, ease of use, and affordability – combined with a low environmental footprint.

We assembled a diverse team that included an internationally-acclaimed gold medal winning vegan chef.  We wanted something that anybody could make at home that tasted absolutely amazing. After many test trials Vejje Beef Free Mix was born.
Vejje Sausage Free Mix soon followed, and Vejje Chicken Free was not far behind. Using the latest culinary innovations, Vejje mixes replace ground beef, sausage and chicken.  With unparalleled taste, a long shelf life, and easy to prepare, Vejje is changing the way the World eats. 
Vejje Chicken and Italian Sausage Free Packages
We encourage you to try all three innovative Vejje meat free mixes.  And be sure to let us know how you like your Vejje ! 

Doug Meier – Vejje Co-Founder & CEO.              Kris Giovanini – Vejje Co-Founder

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