Questions? Vejje has answers!

A. Vejje Meats have a long shelf life (1 year or longer) prior to being hydrated. The expiration date for each product is clearly marked on the package. This is just one of the reasons it makes sense to stock up on Vejje so you never run out!

A.  Yes!  Vejje Meats are proudly made 100% from plant-based ingredients (no dairy, egg, flesh, fish or fowl).  As a result, Vejje Meats have zero cholesterol and are naturally low in fat.  

A.  Yes!  Once prepared (hydrated and cooked), Vejje Meats are freeze-thaw stable for 3 months.  Refrigerated, prepared Vejje Meats last up to 7 days.  

A.  Hot water is used to ensure proper hydration.  

A.  We recommend that you do not omit the olive (or canola) oil when preparing Vejje Meats as doing so will compromise taste.  If necessary, reduce the amount of oil to one-half of that called for in the recipe, but do not omit it.  

A.  You can cook Vejje Burgers & Vejje Sausage Patties on the grill however, you may wish to use a Grill Mat.  We do not recommend cooking Vejje Chicken on the grill. 

A.  No. Vejje Meats are not appropriate for individuals with celiac disease.

A.  Most vegetarians and vegans grew up eating meat.  However, there is increasing evidence that the consumption of animals and animal by-products can contribute to a variety of health problems.  Additionally, many individuals stop eating meat because of the treatment of animals on factory farms.  Plant-based diets are simply better for the environment and therefore better for the planet and all who inhabit it.  Even if you never plan on becoming vegan, reducing your consumption of animal meat will benefit the planet, the animals and you!


A.  No.  If a Vejje Meat is crunchy, it was not hydrated properly prior to cooking.  The most likely cause of this is either that the water used was not hot, or the Vejje Meat was not hydrated for the full time specified in the directions.  Remember, the hotter the water, the quicker the hydration time.  Hydration will take much longer than stated in the instructions if you use warm as opposed to HOT water.   


A.  Absolutely!  However, we suggest that you make the burgers as directed on the package a few times prior to experimenting.  Once you have successfully prepared Vejje Burgers a few times, try adding some finely chopped sautéed onions and carrots (about ½ cup) or minced raw onions to the Vejje mix along with the hot water and flour.  Or, sauté a cup of finely chopped mushrooms and add them to the burger mix along with the hot water and flour. We’ve even made Vejje Burgers with finely chopped sautéed greens added to the mix.  There are so many possibilities – and we’d love to hear what you created!  

A.  We believe you will find Vejje to be more economical than other plant-based meats as well as animal meats.   

Do you have a question not answered here? Email us and we’ll answer your question as quickly as possible.
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